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Southern Illinois's Largest Used & New Gun Selection

If you are looking for new or used guns from a gun shop you can trust; Hick's Trading Station is the right place to find your new or used gun. We are the largest new and used gun shop, serving Southern IL and surrounding areas since 1964. We have over 2,000 new and used guns. So whatever you may need - whether it is rifles, shotguns, handguns, or ammunition , from new to collectable, we probably will have it. We personally stand behind all of our products, and unlike the big box stores or discount houses, we GUARANTEE EVERYTHING WE SELL!

Largest Gun Selection in Southern IL

When you're ready to assert your Second Amendment rights and find a modern firearm or a great deal on a used rifle or pistol, Hick's Trading Station has an extensive selection that includes more than 2,000 models in all sizes, shapes and calibers. We've got all of the accessories and ancillary supplies that you'll need, and our team of trained professionals can leverage their extensive experience to find the right model for your needs. We've been proudly serving the community since 1964, and we've earned a reputation as the gun shop that you can depend on to stay safe and secure. We proudly serve Thousands of customers from all across the U.S.A including Southern Illinois areas of Pinckneyville, IL Sparta, IL Chester, IL Belleville, IL Collisville, IL Granite City, IL Mt. Vernon, IL Centralia, IL Salem, IL Marion, IL Carbondale, IL Harrisburg, IL West Frankfort, IL Highland, IL Alhambra, IL E. St. Louis, IL
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Impressive Inventory

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We know that you need choices when you're comparison shopping, which is why we're dedicated to maintaining our position as the largest gun dealer in Southern IL. Whether you're looking for a new or used gun, optics for your hunting rifle or protective eyewear to keep you safe, we've got it in stock. Because we have an outstanding selection and the power of bulk purchasing, we can save you money while ensuring that you have the exact gun that you're looking for.
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Personal Service

Our knowledgeable staff is passionate about firearms, so you can be confident that we can provide you with the detailed information that you're looking for. If you're interested in a large caliber that has plenty of stopping power, we'll determine the type of pistol or rifle that best suits your goals.

Whether you need extra ammo for your guns or want a reliable firearm with plenty of power, we're the gun dealer that you can depend on. Our modern shop is open seven days a week, and you're always welcome to call us at 618-357-2583 or 888-355-0388 and speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members.



From Facebook:

I traded for a great little revolver with laser sights and love it. They sighted it in for me and I checked it at home - it's spot on!

Sheila H.


From Google:

They are the best. More guns than you can shake a stick at and great deals!!! Love them.

Curtis S.